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Catching up is the best, especially when it’s with people you haven’t seen for a year or more.  I met A’s mom in high school, in fact she was one of the first people I met when attending my first day of high school.  See, it was a big move for me as I had attended a small Catholic school (12 people in my class… yeah.. THAT small).  I remember meeting Megan + Hope in English class, scared out of my mind about all the new people and of course the big transition to high school.  Funny how those moments seem so scary and significant at the time.

I had a great time catching up with Megan + Aiden who were visiting home on leave from the Air Force.  Thank you Megan, it was great to see you and I had a blast photographing you two!

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Hello Friends

I am honored time and again that I am able to let couples tell their own story as it unfolds. I try to document each moment in a joyful, genuine and romantic way.  Have a look around and when you're ready to talk about capturing your day, send me a note.

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