Kaitlyn’s Track & Gymnastics Senior Session | Eau Claire, WI

Every minute of Kaitlyn’s track & gymnastics senior session was SO much fun.  We explored around Eau Claire, WI and even though Katilyn attends Menomonie High School she decided she wanted a little something different so we used some fun locations in and around Eau Claire.  To say we were adventurous that night, well… we were climbing chairs to hop over fences for the perfect spot and Kaitlyn even laid in the grass and in the water.  It’s safe to say it was a blast!

Katilyn had a couple of really important parts of her life she wanted to incorporate into the session.  I really adore when seniors choose to do this because it truly adds meaning to this point of their lives.  It’s a huge step to go from high school to college where you may not be able to compete in certain sports again.  One of those important sports was gymnastics which is near and dear to Kaitlyn’s heart.  So, Kaitlyn did a few fun moves and we shot them in the DARK!  It was super dramatic and fun which I LOVE!  We also incorporated track, too!

Thank you and your Mom for adventuring with me!  Congratulations to you on your upcoming graduation!

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